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Track all your teams' election tasks from Electask's modern online dashboard, never miss a deadline, and make your office run smoother.

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Used and Loved by:

Jill LaVine - Former Sacramento County Registrar of Voters:

“To any registrar that is not using this type of software, you’re behind the times...that's all there is to it!”

Made for Election Officials

Unlike normal calendars, Electask allows you to track your tasks backwards from the election date, ensuring you never miss a deadline.

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Automated Reminders

Electask allows you to assign tasks to multiple people and automatically reminds them when the task is due. You can also send manual reminders directly from the app.

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Multiple Concurrent Elections

With Electask, you can track multiple elections at once from a centralized location. You can even copy tasks between them.

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Security Comes Standard

All Electask data is hosted in the US and encrypted with 256-bit AES encryption, the same level of protection banks use.

Live Support

We are available for support via email, text, and call when you need it. We guarantee a quick response to your requests.


Electask will continue to improve functionality over time. If you have suggestions for additional features, please reach out!

Simplify Teamwork

Running an election is complicated. Electask is designed to simplify task tracking so you can throw out your task spreadsheet. See all your teams' tasks, send reminders in-app, and get more done quicker.

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How to use Electask

Sign up and Onboard

Get a demo to confirm Electask meets your needs and sign up for the product. During onboarding, we will help you identify and upload election tasks. This is usually as simple as sharing a spreadsheet

Add Team Members

Add team members by email address through Electask. You will be able to define each team member's role and responsibility.

Automatically Track Your Tasks

Once each team member is onboarded, each manager will be able to see task progress for each person reporting to them. Simple!

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