We're Electask.

Election offices are crucial to American democracy; without them, elections wouldn't happen. Electask's mission is to help election offices streamline their task tracking so they can focus on what matters: executing elections and increasing democratic participation.

Our Core Values:

Partners Always

We strive to be a partner to our customers rather than just a software provider.


We provide significantly more value to our customers than what we cost and are always thinking about ways to add value to election offices and taxpayers.

Make it Easy

From signing up and onboarding to feedback and support, we aim to make every part of the customer journey easy.


We want to go above and beyond and WOW our customers in every interaction.

See a demo from our CEO:

Our Origin Story

In 2017, we heard that many county-level election offices were still using spreadsheets (or worse, physical binders) to track their tasks so we built a dashboard where you can track all the tasks from one place.

Now, Electask is where election officials go to see a comprehensive view of their teams' tasks in one place. This means less time figuring out who does what and more time executing.

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